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[Early Access]

Are you brave enough to find out what Dwells in the Dark? Come and relive your childhood nightmares, keeping monsters at bay with nothing but your nightlight. Darkness Dwells is a first person horror game, placing you in the eyes of a child trying to survive the night until your parents check in on you.

Flashing the rocking horse too quickly does seem to glitch it out, we are working on it. :)

Changelog 2018/05/03

  • Added audio slider
  • Added Invert Y option
  • Added config banner
  • Added app icon

If you want to support us, donating, following, commenting and just interacting with us through the development of this game would be amazing. we hope to keep updates frequent so the more support we get the easier that is to do.

The Creators:

Game Designer/Project Manager - Victor Weidar

Game Designer/VFX Artist -Paul Frame

Game Designer/Programmer - NicholasDuxbury

Game Designer / Artist -VcPenguin

Animator - Kat Latcham

Animator - Mathew Rayner

Animator - Matt Gibson

Voice Actors - VcPenguin, Aline Otréus


DarknessDwells_1.2_WIN.zip 345 MB
DarknessDwells_1.2_MAC.zip 350 MB

Development log


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Really wish this became something bigger because I love the monster designs

Good morning, everyone

Simple but still a fun little game! The few things you had to do to survive was well done and it was fun juggling everything together towards the end!

I have PTSD from this lol

Really liked the game heres my playtrough 

Great Game! It reminded us on Boogeyman. Keep it up!

Would love to see you at my Game Jam. https://itch.io/jam/1-night-of-horror


This was a fun and kinda stressfull game really enjoyed it

(1 edit)

Great game its actually really good

this game is last on the list

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Bx4kehopoYQ  NEW 3 SPOOKY GAMES VIDEO!!! CHECK IT OUT IF YOU LOVE SCARY STUFF and i pro edit all my vids!!
7 Nights
Road to Siren Hills
Darkness Dwells

This game was really good and I included it in my 5 Scary Games. Feel free to check it out. 

This Game Scares me 

Odlična igrica, zanimljiva i kratka, razumljiva te nije komplicirana, odlični zvučni efekti i nadam se većoj priči i više noći, sretno!

GREAT GAME its the first game in my three free horror game series if you want to check it out!

https://youtu.be/FOwHLmZjvok Welcome back to Three Free Horror Games, todays titles include a survive the night style game which was a lot of fun and two troll games CAUSE PEOPLE GOTTA TROLL HORROR LOVERS anyways Hope you enjoy!

This is a very good game. The gameplay, the ambience, the scares, and especially the monster are all great. My god did that thing in the closet scare the shit out of me.

I saw markiplier play this on his 3 scary games ang i really wanted to try it and when i tried it i loved it!

Game has a bit of bugs randomly die when doing the game correctly! anyhow im sure its good when it works as it is very scary!

this game says early access still. Do you know when the full version is gonna be ready? Or is it cancelled.

This was really good! Sent shivers down my spine. I love games like this that throw you into a stressful situation and keep the pressure on. Great game! 

BLM wouldnt work to pull up the covers :/ so i kept dying


Pour les Francophones !

This game was great!!

DARKNESS DWELLS in the bedroom at night where the terror comes alive. They come from all corners of the room. Can you keep your light on long enough to survive this horror game?

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VjA9f-Dlwf Played your game part of my 3 random horror games in one it was the first game I played in the video and I gotta say even though it was short I really liked it. I never been a fan of survive the night games but, this was the first I played that I actually really enjoyed so well done and I'm so excited for the full game because I definitely want to see more! :) 


Make Android version and iOS version

So ppl who using phone can play it

Fun little game.  Just enough things to manage at once without being overwhelming.  

Cool game even tho it was short 

Nice game, even if, it was frustrating in places. Be interesting to see more.

I love the creature designs! Thanks for the awesome game!

Tonight I Don't Want To Sleep Alone! lol Very interesting early access! 

FIRST Italian gameplay on youtube! 

Awesome little game! Well done!

Youtuber: ForgedByGames

This was fun! I want to see this become a full game of more levels and new creatures to eat you in your sleep!

This was great, I do feel like it was too easy though.


Had a lot of fun with this game! Very entertaining and spooky! 

This was a simple game, but managed to be alright considering that it had similar mechanics to fnaf

This is a really good game, and the ambiance is killer. The sound ques are on point with the monsters. The art style is GREAT! loved the way they were drawn. You guys have great potential, and seriously consider doing it as a full game with a story.

This game is interesting

Really good game, I mixed this footage with that of another game , I hope you don't mind?? 

Ah this was pretty good for a bit of high anxiety! The format is good, the creepy atmosphere really comes across well and the monsters are indeed creepalicious, but the one night on display here is a bit easy.

If you ever expand upon things and add some more nights, maybe throw an interesting backstory in there somewhere and a couple more monsters to keep an eye on you'd really be on to something! But this was fun for what it was, keep up the great work everyone! =)

I had completely forgotten to share my video of this game. When I had played this originally, it stopped being scary after a short while. And the only monster that ever actually got me was the one under the bed. It was rather easy to avoid dying from the other monsters.

But the real issue I have with this game is that it's rather boring after a short while like I said before.  And the game lasted so long, I was getting tired of playing it.

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